Monday, June 13, 2016

Image theft is getting out of hand #stopimagetheft

I report our stolen works daily on Amazon. I know watermarks will not make the problem go away but they could minimize the thievery. 

These Amazon sellers are taking away our money. My partner and I are barely making through the month. And these Amazon sellers steal our original works all the time. We need to shout from the top of the mountain that we will not be ridiculed! 

I demand that Society6 gives us a option of watermarks. So many of our fellow designers have begged for watermark and it's like we are crying to deaf ears. Society6 says costumers will be scared away if they see watermark. I say if other POD (Print On Demand) websites do it than so can you if you care for us struggling artists. And another big problem I noticed that Society6 uploads huge pictures of our items on Amazon. We must make stop to it. Smaller images still attract costumers, bigger images attract criminals.

Our Petition: Petition · Society6 DM Commerce: Society6 put watermark on our products ·

It's not just Society6, we have many stolen designs from Zazzle and Design by humans. 

Join us in fight against thieves with hashtag #stopimagetheft 

We must fight these (mostly Chinese) thieves! 

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